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      Bamboo Kitchen Essential bags (Produce and nut milk bags)

      4MyEarth 100% Bamboo Bags are a genuinely very handy and versatile bag to have and small enough to slip in your bag so you don’t get caught out.  The uses don’t just stop at being a produce bag, you will find yourself using these for so many things! Pack contains 3 bags : 1 x Large 30cm W x 35cm L and 2 x Small 25cm W x 30cm L Made from 100% Bamboo Cotton drawstring to close Compact and light Cold hand or machine wash (* Bags will shrink slightly after first wash) Uses are endless for these bags, so here are a few ideas  : Produce bags, use them for nuts, fruit, grains and vegetables Nut...

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    • $19.95

      Bread Bag

      Our 4MyEarth Bread Bag is designed especially for carrying and storing your bread.  Whether you make your own or buy it from your local baker there is now an option to reduce your use of single use of plastic bags with a strong, long lasting food grade safe bag that will keep your bread lovely and fresh.  It is also very useful for watermelon too!   Made from 100% Cotton canvas, zip close Has food safe biodegradable coating that is perfect for extending the freshness of bread FREE from BPA, Nylon, heavy metals, PVC and phthalates Coating decomposes without harm to environment, unlike PUL or Nylon which is not biodegradable Bags can be put in...

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    • $15.95

      Food Bag

      The uses are endless for our Food Bags!  Storing cheese or herbs, muffins to the park or a pencil case! Can also be used as a lunch bag, toddler busy bag or perhaps a sleepover toiletry bag… Replace your single use plastic wrap and bags with our long lasting, reusable, sustainable and ethically made range. Easy to use zipper for both children and adults to open and close Bags can be put in the fridge or freezer Lightweight, yet extremely strong. Stores flat for easy and simple storage. Hand or machine washable, and dishwasher safe. Made from 100% Cotton canvas with a food safe biodegradable coating that keeps food fresh FREE from PVC, BPA,...

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    • $36.95

      Food Cover Set

      Made from high quality Cotton canvas so they will last you for years!   Our 4MyEarth reusable food covers will rid your fridge of plastic wrap and keep your food fresh.   Not just for leftovers, use on cut up vegetables or fruit such as rockmelon, watermelon etc.  Great for the end of a cheese block too!   The pack contains 4 pieces : Extra Small – 17cm, Small – 22cm, Medium – 26cm and Large – 30cm D ALSO available in XL for platters etc, see product image link below   Made from Cotton canvas with a food safe biodegradable coating that keeps food fresh FREE from PVC, BPA, Nylon, Phthalates and heavy metals Food grade safe Elasticated sides to...

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    • $14.95

      Food Cover XL

      This super useful extra large Food Cover is great for platters, lasagne dishes and bbq plates to name but a few! It can fit dishes 37 x 25cm or 30cm x 30cm easily. Also available in a set of 4 : XS, S, M & L – see product image link below Made from Cotton canvas with a food safe biodegradable coating that keeps food fresh FREE from PVC, BPA, Nylon, Phthalates and heavy metals Food grade safe Elasticated sides to fit over all sorts of things Perfect for the fridge to cover leftovers Great for a BBQ or picnic to keep the bugs off!   Hand or machine washable and dishwasher safe Not to be used...

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    • $12.95

      Kiddikutter – cuts food not fingers!

      Kiddikutter – the knife that cuts food, not fingers! The kiddie food kutter knife is a fun & safe way for parents to teach their kids one of the most important life skills – cooking Designed for children 2 years & older to cut their own food in safety (with supervision) This is a great tool for those with special needs too, it really gives a sense of independence It has no sharp edges, yet it will cut any food from a soft tomato through to a tough steak. It uses a sawing action rather then relying on sharp teeth or blades Constructed from food grade stainless steel with a BPA free moulded plastic...

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    • $9.99

      Silipops silicone icy pole moulds pack of 4

      Silicone Icy Pole Moulds   Make your own icy poles at home Simply fill with homemade or store bought juice, smoothies etc and freeze Can be frozen standing on its lid, laying down, upright in a container or lodged into a wire freezer shelf Great for iced coffee and cocktails, and the new craze Champagne Popsicles too! Can be used as snack containers Capacity 80ml each Environmentally friendly as these will last for years BPA & Phthalate free Food grade safe silicone Dishwashser safe Kids can chop up their own fruit before blending with our Kiddikutters Our Zipzicle holders fit these too Fill, freeze and enjoy! Responsibly made in China by us as a...

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      Zipzicles – reusable icy pole pouches & neoprene holders

      Zipzicles reusable icy pole pouches – for healthy homemade icy treats…eco friendly too!     FREE from BPA, Lead, PVC and Phthalates FDA approved food grade polyethylene Holds 100ml of natural juice, smoothies etc For adults try ice-coffee, or margaritas! How about freezing herbs in oil or curry paste too? Easy to fill with a funnel or baster.  Don’t fill past the fill line Reusable – simply rinse under warm running water, hang upside down to dry – a baby bottle rack, straws or wooden spoon handles are great for this Recyclable when you no longer want to reuse We use these in our home because we love icy poles but dislike sugar loaded...

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